[Hiring] In need of a a Builder, Modeller and Scripter

About Us

Hello There!
We are ValxieBlox. ValxieBlox is a shooting Gun Game. The game is in early development so it wont have guns, maps or menus and teams. The game will be using free models for a bit till we hire some people so I don’t have to make models and program all the time.
-Game Created by @CakeValxie

Game- ValxieBlox - Roblox
Group- Valxie Studios - Roblox

The Team
Owner/Leader - @CakeValxie
CO-Owner/Manager- @Sonickiller5452rhox
Modeller- @NEC_dev
Programmer/Scripter - N/A
Builder- @NEC_dev
Clothing (for group) N/A

About the Job
I’m currently looking for a experienced Scripter, Builder and modeller. We appreciate a friendly team supporting us for the future. The scripting and modelling is slightly by me which means I do a bit of it. We need a few maps completed around 1-2 Months.

We give robux to our developers. Unfortunately only 2 of our developers are on the team currently and we are both low on robux. We will give our last robux to you. When we get more robux we will give more. We do not to real life payment though.

Support Us giving EVEN more Robux!
Appreciate if you could help us get some robux by making clothes in Valxie Studios Valxie Studios - Roblox. This can help when people buy our Roblox Merch so we can donate more robux to you in the group.

Choices for Jobs
We need 2 more people for jobs.
Your choice.
-Programmer/Scripter (Available Now)

  • Modeller (Taken)
  • Builder (Taken)
  • Clothing (Join Group) (Available Now)

Contact Me
:email: Discord- CreeperOcean#7007 (Send friend request. Only DM’s no calling on discord)
:email: DevFourm- Message privately to me in the description and ask questions or just say you want to be hired for whichever Job.
To message me on DevFourm just click on my profile go on it and you will see message button. Then send your message. This is how you message me on devfourm.

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