[HIRING] Indistinct Studios 30-100K

Project A

The Team!

Creator= @Louse_55
Co-Creator = @Relxep
Developer = @Iggydev, @Directxdev, @MysticRCL

What are we hiring?

Builder & Modeler

We are currently hiring a builder that can model at any style and import with colour and build in roblox studio. You will need to have good work experience (we will let you know what the game is going to be about.)


30-100K & Amazon Payment

We might pay you through amazon E-gift cards through email as of the new update of the group funds haven’t released. We want all developers to be paid full price.


You need to apply…

Please send in an application to: LouZ#7896 or contact us through devfourm which we will send you the email to contact us through.

The Community Manager will ask you a few questions to see if your fit for the job. | Please note this is a big project, only apply if you can handle it.

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