Hiring intermediate scripter for 2D fighting game "Drawing Duels" [50%]

Hey, I am looking for a scripter for my 2D-physics based sandbox fighting game, inspired by popular non-roblox games such as Stick Fight or The Henry Stickmin series.

Project Background

The scripter on my main game has moved a while back and is almost without internet, so that project is on hold for now. In the meantime, I started this project to have something to work on.
Still, I am just as focused on this game and I wont leave this project behind once he comes back… some day… :sob:
Its currently just me working on it with my beginner friend doing some small stuff.

The Game

The goal of this game is to create a fun party game that still keeps the player engaged over a longer time by offering a wide arrange of unique tools, weapons, vehicles, gamemodes and maps that can interact with each other to always give a different experience.
Bigger battles overall should also make the players decisions more meaningful and make them more strategic by giving enough time to do certain setups using the items.

I wish I could add a gif to show how the movement looks like, but I cant upload it so you will have to click on the video below instead. Here is a wide FoV shot of the first map I made on Sunday:

Here is a video of the games first map and tech demo of the character, and here the place link.

The Job

The job mainly consists of improving and fixing the custom character, creating a framework for items and vehicles, scripting the individual features of the tools and vehicles, gamemodes/scores, UI and a main menu.
Most of these arent needed to make it a playable game, but the more content there is, the more we can monetize. And it would also be a better game, of course.


I can offer 50% revshare and in addition to that I can also make some assets in exchange.
Stickman games get quite popular but they’re also very timeless, so it seems like a fairly safe game to make, especially because there are almost no games like this on roblox.


You can contact me here on the forum or message me on discord, Humanball#8418

If you have any further questions or are interested in joining the “team”, feel free to contact me!


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