Hiring interns (the assault project)

hello, im pierce. i am currently looking for some interns to help work on my game “assault”.
the game is a brand new fps with brand new modes, weapons and a whole lot more :wink:

what are some of some of the things this game will have?
unique game modes and weapons.
item rarities (cosmetic items with different rarities).
an auction house (sell rare items for cash in game).
contracts (complete contracts for money and items).
tournaments (competitive matches for higher level rewards).

what skills are we looking for?
sound design.
(if you dont have any of these skills you can still apply with any skills you do have)

what are the requirements?
you are at least 13 years old.
you have discord.
you have examples of your work.

information on the internship?
the internship is not paying, however anything you make can be used on your portfolio or for personal use.

how may i contact you?
my discord is pierce#0412
you may also message me if you have any question about the game.

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