[HIRING] Jobs for an Upcoming British Army


Hello Devforum community. I am sure you are tired of seeing Army group day after day, but I can assure you that we are different. I’ve worked in the army genre for a couple of years now and I have gathered and examined each group to make my own one day. I am bringing a new British Army group to the Roblox platform. My aim for this British Army is focused directly in the 1960s. I love the 60s style and most army users like the 60s gameplay and uniforms that come with it.


I am currently trying to find one of the following:

  • An intermediate scripter with past army scripting experiences.
  • A decently skilled builder that can build medium poly.
  • A modeler that has experience making weapons and hats/berets/uniform hats, etc…

The Team

@Namachle - Builder & Terrain Artist & Project Manager
@ReaperCybray - Assistant Manager

My team isn’t big at all as I mostly work with commissions, but I finally need a scripter/builder/modeler to complete our team.


Now, I know everyone takes USD/BTC. I am trying to save the most amount of money possible for our advertisements so we can have a good start and grow like I want it to grow so I can use the revenue on a better game and group in total. So payment will all be covered through percent. I’m offering a total of 25% to my team. 10% for scripting, 10% for building, and 5% for modeling. I know percentages aren’t everyone’s preferred type of payment, but just hear me out. Since I have past experience and a good staff team to work on this group. I believe that we can take off and become a big British Army and make stable income. If you aren’t comfortable with percentages, then you cannot work for the team and group and sensation i’m trying to build and form. I will provide you with a plan to go from growth to being a big group. I will provide you with my plans of payment and I will earn revenue, I just need your trust and time and dedication to get this project up off it’s feet and into the sky. Are you with me?


Please make sure to contact me through my Discord. I don’t have any form of communication outside of Discord. Discord: NamaSierra#6935
Please consider this post and I hope to hear from you soon.



Please make sure to comment any questions on how we plan to make our revenue. I’m happy to take questions and responses.

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