[HIRING] Long-term 3d modeler/builder (Paid R$)

Great Scott



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The Team
@TheGreat_Scott owner & only dev so far. I can code, build, 3d-model, and create textures & GFX

About The Job

I need help from a builder! Most of my games have a low-poly style since they are mobile compatible, and I’d prefer a builder who is capable in both Roblox-modelling and in a 3D Modeler to import UV-mapped meshes.

Examples of current assets

A pace of about ~30-50 models per month would be a good start, expecting each asset to take between 20 minutes and 1hour, not very long since they will be low-poly and include progression-buildings that are similar to one another.


500 - 1500R$ per asset paid through Group Funds.

Important Requirement

Must be able to communicate professionally and show independence & initiative when it comes to design and aesthetic choices. I’m not looking for someone to hand exact sketches to. I’m looking for a 3d modeler game development partner who can take a few inspirational images + a description and come up with a building or vehicle on their own, with a good eye for proportion, scale, and color to match the aesthetic of existing assets.


If applying without a portfolio of existing work that matches any of the above description, an example will have to be made to be approved. I only expect to receive screen shots of this draft example. If approved it will be the first asset purchase of many in an ongoing relationship.
Message me here on the forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/scotts_games
Must be 15 years or older to apply.

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