Hiring Long Term Modelers/Animators/UI Designers

I am creating a game based off the anime konosuba. I think this is a big opportunity because there are currently no games based off of konosuba on roblox that I know of and the show is very popular. The game will have a full storyline, 4 weapon classes, a magic spell system. multiple weapon choices for each class, and a map with about 5 main sections when we release.

I am mainly looking for MODELERS since if I have to I can do animations and ui myself

I’m offering 15-20% of the game’s profits for a long term modeler, if you leave the dev team or are fired before the game’s release you won’t get your cut and if you leave or are fired after the release your percentage may be lowered to higher someone else

you will have to be able to make medieval era weapons and possibly meshes for effects for attacks/cutscenes

if you are interested contact me on discord (banana#3241)
once I’ve accepted your friend request or if we have mutual servers please send me some examples of your work.

PS: my time zone is pacific time so if it’s late in my time zone don’t expect me to respond.


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