[HIRING] Looking for 3D modelers for a new project

About Us

Hello. You probably have seen me before, but this is the new wave. We’re working on a new anime inspired simulator and are looking for someone to help grind out the assets as we make our way to launch.

You can see some of our progress so far on our Twitter.

About The Job

We are looking for someone to help model the various chibi characters that players will be collecting throughout the game. Below are existing assets created by our current modeler, who you would be working alongside throughout the project’s duration.

Some current assets...



Our game needs roughly 40 new assets completed by the end of the month with a goal of around 75 characters by the time we launch. We expect each asset will take between 1-2 hours.

Right now, we’re able to produce 1-2 characters a day and are hoping to increase this rate with your inclusion. Our current modeler has a template available as well to speed up the process and get you started right away!


We’re offering $20 per asset, $350 at base launch, and 8% of the game’s lifetime revenue.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Greetings! I Specialise in 3D modelling, building as well as graphic and UI design. I believe that my skillset will come to use for your project. I am interested in working with you.

This is my ID, please contact me: Blacc#9878

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Hey! I have just seen your post and is really interesting, I would like to amplify my range of skills to actually model characters for this type of stuff! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy a roughly nubie 3D Artist on the platform, right now I have been commissioned by Venti’s Cafe to make some machines and commissioned by Sabor to make a food model.

You can actually see my modeling on this Adobe Portfolio website I have made for showcase.

Website: https://sharky3dartistd09a.myportfolio.com/

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope we get in contact soon if you being interested on my work.


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