[Hiring] Looking for a coder for a simulator ($500)


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You simply said “I’m making a generic game but it’s better then the other generic games” followed my “I’m not disclosing any information about this project”. You also said that they “Must also have experience coding games”, which is a very broad term… what sort of games? Every game requires different levels and types of code work.

You should start out explaining who you are and go into details about the game you’re wishing to create such as what the theme of it is, what would be required of the coder, and possibly show examples of the existing work you have for the game.

I suggest looking at some other well written collaboration posts by studios such as Red Manta or Vesteria; they both wrote very good recruitment posts and got massive feedback.


[hiring] programmer for a simulator ($700)

I don’t believe offering a set payment of $500 is very fair to script an entire game, if you want people interested then I advise you to offer percentage

[EDIT] In addition, If you used the right capitalisation for your title and the right format as TrustMeImRussian has stated then it will make your post more professional.

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I mean if people want to negotiate it’s up to them, but I have been capable in finding decent programmers to program a game for around set price for more similar games


I’ll probably use a layout next time, if it’s more convenient

Though I would not disclose game details especially a simulator on the devfourms. If people wanna ask all that extra information, my dms are open, and if people find it too tedious to add me and ask for information. If people find it too tedious to do that, so be it.


I dont have a lot of experience, but I know how to script simulators, as I have one myself. My puzzle solving skills are pretty good as well. I wouldnt need $500 for this, so if you’re interested, message me.


I’m interested. I’ll send you a dm :slight_smile:.

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