[HIRING] Looking for a gun animator!

About Us

Hello, I am currently a developer for a group called the Grand Western Ascendency.
As of right now, our development team is looking for some gun animators to animate the movements for our custom gun systems. Of course, instructions and directions will be given to the animator.

About The Job

  • Must have discord and be able to contact me. (Karolus#5452)
  • Must be 13+
  • Respectful to their employers
  • Able to complete their assigned task in a reasonable time period.
  • Fluent in English
  • Able to commit to complete animations on short notice.
  • Skilled and experienced in animations
  • Portfolio and examples of previous works.
  • Animations must attempt/try to match this style:


  • Payment will be discussed depending on the skill of the developer and negotiation is encouraged.
  • Pricing can be negotiated, we intend to pay per animation. We will also pay highly for animations due to short notice.

Contact Us

  • Karolus#1812 < You will be expected to show work to me, if approved you’ll be sent to our head devs.
  • Alternatively, you can message in this forum.
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