[Hiring] Looking for a programmer, monthly salary $$

Hello everyone!
Our Studio is recruiting programmer for new RP project!

About us :
BlxChillStudio was started by YouTuber Pozzi in may 2020. The main goal is to make awesome, big, longlive games for Roblox!
Our first project Sky City have 6 million visits, 80% likes.
Now we are making something even more bigger and we need your help!

What we can offer:
Monthly salary + bonuses with each game update.
Awesome addition for portfolio

What is our project about:
:dog: Cute pets!
:house: Home decoration!
:video_game: Many mini-games!
:baby: Role-playing game!
:rabbit2: Pet Battles!
At the moment game is in public beta, and we need to work on optimization of client.

What we want from you :

Age 18+
FREE TIME (MUST), the opportunity to work full time.
EU time zone (optional)
Excellent programming skills (knowledge of all services, Roblox API)
LUA programming
UI/UX experience (ability to script one)
Building system experience
Car system experience
Mathematics, physics knowledge
Photoshop experience ( optional )
Animation experience ( optional )

IMPORTANT We are looking for programmer who can work full-time, with impressive programming skills and portfolio. If you are under 18 and can’t work full-time(8-9H} @ day, don’t apply because you will be declined.

How to apply
Contact via discord ( forza#8950 ), please share your portfolio before sending a message!

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