[HIRING!] Looking for a scripter for a slock

Hello! My name is Emilia, I am the founder of Anola, a cafe group.

We’re currently in need for someone to script a slock for us. We using BA (Basic Admin Essentials) and although it slocks, admins can come in late.

We need someone who can make a script for us so that you can slock for a certain rank, like this:
:slock 3+.

We would like the prefix to be ‘:’. This has been requested by many staff members and has been put to a vote.

We are paying through group funds. We do not have a huge amount, but I personally believe it’s a fair amount.

Please note: We do not pay through PayPal, robux is the only option at the moment, apologies if this is an inconvience.

Discord is not my preferred method of communication, so you must be able to send me all the information to me though Developer Forum.

Please make sure you’re mature enough for this job and you’re able to actually do it, we do not want someone who claims they can do it and they actually cannot.

All I would need is for you to create the script, send it me, and I can insert it into the games.

If you’re quite confused on what the job is and the explanation I provided up above was not clear enough; We would like the slock functioning the same as Bloxton Hotels, but we do not want to copy because the group has it’s own originality and that would be quite unfair if we took it.

Alright, comment down below if you’re interested and I’ll send you a message! There, we can negotiate prices. c:


So what your requesting is a server lock command. Where the player has to be a certain level to push the command. Contact me on discord so we can talk about it.

The OP stated they do not communicate with discord, send them a PM.

I believe the recruiter is asking for a command which locks the server and only certain ‘whitelisted people’ could join.

For example: :slock 5+
The command would be ran by someone with permission (ex: 252+) and would lock the server to anyone who is not rank 5 and above.

If you would like to pay someone to integrate this into your admin script, feel free. The script will never lock out admins, and you can use + and - to restrict servers to ranks equal to and above or equal to and below, respectively. Minor debugging may be required.

For example, “:slock 65+” will restrict the server to those rank 65 and above, though admins will still be able to enter.
For example, “:slock 5-” will restrict the server to those rank 5 and below, though admins will still be able to enter.
As a final example, “:slock 200” will restrict the server only to rank 200, though admins will still be able to enter.
If you would like to open the server, use the command “:slock 0+”.

Feel free to modify/use as you please.

local groupID = 42
local adminRankID = 255
local rankLockedAt = 0
local canAboveEnter = true
local canBelowEnter = true

local function interpretMessage(msg)
    local lastCharacter = string.sub(msg, string.len(msg), string.len(msg))
    local rank = string.match(msg, '%d+')
    if rank then
        rankLockedAt = rank
    if lastCharacter == '+' then
        canAboveEnter = true
        canBelowEnter = false
    elseif lastCharacter == '-' then
        canAboveEnter = false
        canBelowEnter = true
        canAboveEnter = false
        canBelowEnter = false

local function listenToPlayer(plr)
    plr.Chatted:Connect(function(msg, toWho)
        if msg and not toWho and string.sub(msg, 1, 7) == ':slock ' then
            interpretMessage(string.sub(msg, 8))

    local plrRank = plr:GetRankInGroup(groupID)
    if plrRank >= adminRankID then
    elseif plrRank < rankLockedAt and not canBelowEnter or plrRank > rankLockedAt and not canAboveEnter then
        plr:Kick('The server has been restricted to rank '..tostring(rankLockedAt)..(canAboveEnter and ' and above' or canBelowEnter and ' and below' or ''))

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