[HIRING] Looking for a Scripter, UI ARITST, and a possible Builder. [100k+ In Total Rates]

Hello everyone!!

I’m looking for a Scripter and UI Artist (and possibly a builder) for my project Coven! It’s based off the TV Show American Horror Story Coven. It’s a show about witches and their will to survive in the modern world. My group is similar to this idea, we host classes, while also giving the students room to RP and Explore. This is mainly a PVP though. What I need to be scripted is the power system for the game, please see more information below.

Power System:

All magic and abilities strength and buffs will be based on your rank in the group, and game passes. Each person will start off with a random amount of wonders (Will get to wonders later). The max number of wonders are 7. Each wonder has their own subsection of powers. For example, the wonder Telekinesis might have a sub power of levitation. The higher your rank in the group the more powerful your powers become. The wonders are as followed below.

1. Telekinesis - The ability to move things with your mind.
2. Transmutation - The ability to transport through space.
3. Divination - The ability to Divine and see unforeseen outcomes.
4. Pyrokinesis - The ability to manipulate fire with your mind
5. Decensum - The ability to descend in the nether realm.
6. Concilium - The ability to control animals and/or people with your mind.
7. Vitalum Vitalis - The ability to balance the scales of life.

The Team

@Santcor - Head Builder
@Syn - Builder
@Kol- 3D Modeler/Builder
[EMPTY] - Head Scripter
@hecatxe - Scripter
@Christy - Scripter
@TigerVenatore - Animations


  • Must have 1 or more years of experience for whatever position you’re wanting to fill.
  • Must be 13 years of age or older.
  • Must have a discord for communication.
  • Every other daily progress.




I am willing to pay Robux and USD. Although for now I am setting the payment price in Robux, if you would like to change that later on upon getting the position let me know.

Scripter - Negotiable, 30,000+ Robux [For Entire Power System]
Builder - Looking for a Pre-Made map while map is still in development.
GUI Artist - Negotiable, 5,000+ Robux [For Main Menu and Selection GUI]

These are contractor rates above. So if you would like to be a member of the team long-term then I can give you a downpayment, as well as percentages of sales.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum of discord @


You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for your time!


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