[Hiring] Looking for a Talented UI Designer to work for Plus Ultra Online

About Us

Hello! Plus Ultra Online (A continuation of Blox No Hero/Blox No Hero 2) is currently looking for a talented UI Designer who is capable of designing and creating UI Assets for our game. Currently we have temporary UI in place with the game set for Alpha on the 31st (Obviously the UI would not have to be done before this date) however feel our UI is lacking a lot. We are looking for someone with experience (preferably in anime games) to join our team (we are also open to commissions rather then joining the team) and refine/redesign our UI.

We currently have a large following with 2,500 people in our Discord alone and multiple Youtubers setup to do videos on the game for release. Our previous game netted us a large amount so if the percentage option is chosen I can guarantee it will be a good pay off.

About The Job

The job will involve creating multiple UI Assets in a certain styled similar to the one linked below.
Some of the required assets include:

  • Level/Stamina Bars
  • Experience Bar
  • Stat Menu
  • Inventory Menu
  • Dialogue Boxes
  • Ect


We are willing to either offer a small Percentage of our games revenue or a flat rate robux payout. This can be negotiated and we can agree on a price before we start. Small changes may be requested at the end to ensure we are happy with the final product.

Contact Us

The best way to contact us is through my discord at: Legitmanp#9644

Thanks for reading!


Hey sent a request im Developer#8173

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This position is still open! We are actively looking.

I would recommend displaying the robux price right on the page and not through discord DMs. This may drive more people to apply.

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