[HIRING] Looking for an advanced ROBLOX Scripter


Adorations! My name is Dylan. I am a big time group owner. My job here is to find beyond scripters. What we are looking for is food scripting, and ui scripting.

Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/6190652/Plato#!/about

We can discuss on payment with a full time job, or full pay out. Any amount suitable.

Contact Me:
Discord: $d#5656
Communications: https://discord.gg/plato

Thanks for reading! Hope to see a scripter soon. :eyes: :slight_smile:

Could you give more detail about the job?

Sure! Maybe you could dm me instead of replying more here?

What type of task must be completed?


I am interested, you can contact me on discord : ItsChoco#0902

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