[HIRING] Looking for an UI Designer!

We are looking for developers!

About Us

Hi there! We are Magstal Studios! Due to a former developer called Clxzed, we are now hiring new developers! Clxzed, attempted to ERASE all saved progress, however, we predicted his plans and backed up the game fully before he did so. We are currently hiring a UI Designer.

The Team
@MaHoiwing - Owner & Scripter
@emmanuel5099 - Co-Owner & Manager
@MrFieldThrow - Builder
@Necrophosy - Builder
@Makevin5 - 3D Modeler
@PalmCrafter - UI Designer
@username - UI Designer(designs & create UIs at our request.)
@RBLXpsyfor - Animator(animates character movements)

About The Job

We are currently looking for a new UI Designer! An UI Designer should be able to use foreign programs to escalate the design of the UIs and make it seem more appealing. We are looking for those who is passionate for game development, and willing to invest his/her time into this project that we are very dedicated to accomplish. An ideal developer should be determined, and confident about his/her work.

About the Game

Our game focuses on the theme of an anime called Sword Art Online, or SAO for short. The game plan will be discussed thoroughly when you are eligible to be hired.


NOTE: Payments are only available by commisions. Payments will be distributed AFTER the game is released.

Scripter - 25%
Builder - 25%
3D Modeler - 15%
UI Designer - 10%
Animator - 10%
Overall game - 15%

Contact Us

Our main form of communication would be Discord, so if you are interested and don’t have discord, then you should get used to having Discord as our way of communication.

You can reply with your discord, or PM me with your discord.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

This post is vague, can you tell us what each position will be doing?

You know I can clearly see this. And also I was going to undo it.

Animators will animate characters, like animating ‘sword swings’
UI Designers will make UIs according to the team’s opinions.
If you wish to apply, you can DM me your discord.

Those are still clearly my ui’s in the game.

Don’t worry, your UIs will be deleted and replaced shortly.

Ok. Thanks.

We are still hiring developers!

We are now hiring an UI Designer!

I edited the post for more clarifications.

Greetings! I specialise in building, 3D modelling, UI and graphic design. I am interested in this offer.
This is my discord please contact me: Blacc#9878

Added you on Discord. Discord username is Senki, the hash should be there.

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