[HIRING] Looking for Builder

Dear DevForum members,

I am a part of a team working on a promising new game set in a futuristic dystopia and we are looking for builders!

About us

We are a small development team, part of a roleplaying group making a dystopian city meant for roleplaying and we need builders to make that come true! We have talented programmers and artists ready to make a masterpiece with your help.

**The Team

(Discord contact info)**

About the job

We are trying to build a futuristic looking city with dystopian feeling and oppressive atmosphere roughly the size of a border roleplaying map with enterable buildings and enough space. The applicant should have good communication skills and prior experience working on Sci-Fi cities. We have a flexible deadline and a respective community with no pressure on game completion. Please keep in mind that full dedication to the project is necessary.


We are offering payments in BITS (ROBUX) that also includes stimulative payments and a contract obligating us to reimburse you after the project has been completed.


Message @stipess#1120 on discord.

** Thank you for your time and we hope to make a great game with you!

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I would love to be a scripter for this game but it says builder so here is actually something i build right up your alley: https://www.roblox.com/games/5452807703/District-12

edit: wait i dont think im gonna do it

I love that, we would very much like you to try and find time

How much robux are you paying for a whole map?

I played the game and I got 20 fps LOL

yep the map is very small yet took very long to load all assets, probably because there are too many meshes and with precise collision

How much Robux are you paying, may I ask?

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