[HIRING] Looking for Clothing Designers

About Us

Hey! We are Trendsetter, an upcoming clothing group with 3k members. With majority of our clothes being featured in games, we expect to bring in nice amounts of exposure to all designs and styles. We’re looking for Clothing Designers who are willing to join our team and grow with us.

You can check our group out here: https://www.roblox.com/groups/2750019/Trendsetter

Click here to fill out an application!


We only pay in robux. We’ll try to work out a payment plan that fits both you and our needs.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


We’re still taking applications, if you’d like a faster response. Reply to this thread letting us know that you’ve applied!


I can recommend @chainedrxses! Great clothing designer.


I have just applied, thanks!

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I can recommend @sixwoods, he is such a talented designer in the style of your group.

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I have clothes to sell, but I don’t have a Roblox Premium subscription. If you want, I’ll show you by discord. toonnice_uwu#5080

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Hi! Just to let you know I have submit an application.


Hi! i am a clothes designer who designed clothes for more than a year, i have worked in groups with 100k+ members! i have filled your application and would love to hear a response soon!

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