[HIRING] Looking for developers to work in a technology company


About Us

Hello! We are a technology-supplier company for the Ro-Aviation community in ROBLOX. Our company, AviaRay is a company that supplies airlines and developers with products that’ll help them in many ways.

The Team

  • Sicken_L - Programmer and UI Designer
  • GamerWei_ALT - Builder
  • Hop_Jr - CSG Builder
  • MeshWorl - Mesh Creator
  • Isaac - Mesh Creator
  • BigTricky - Blender Expert

About The Job

We are looking for a few developers to work at their own pace to develop a few products for our company. Developers who are interested must be able to script and design a UI or build.

You must be able to work in a fast-paced environment, learn to communicate with fellow team members so that the quality can be obtained and that professionalism is needed as you’re the face of this company. Without that, people will give a bad impression of us and that may result in a bad service’s experience. You’ll be able to create certain products that we are in need of in the Discord server. If you’re interested in working as a freestyle developer, you’ll have to seek permission from me and provide me with what you’re planning on developing.


We are paying 80% of your sold assets in our company. Payouts will be given once every month for all developers that registered with us. Your total revenue will be logged in an Excel document to be organized.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/AviaRay_RBLX
You must be 13 years or older to apply.
Thanks for reading!

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Feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions so that I can improve on my mistakes. :smiley:



What is the payment, be more specific



The pay is 80% of the products you have sold from our ordering hub and the currency is robux.



Your post is a bit misleading. The way it’s worded, it sounds like you’re hiring someone for a potentially full time position for an actual company, not a roblox development studio. You’ve also provided no details on how these “products” are sold, only that we will receive a percentage.

I also have no idea what this entails. Does that mean you market yourself to other groups within that genre? I can’t imagine a business like that is very profitable, since the aviation community doesn’t net that much robux.



You have looked down on the aviation community. There’s a company that does the same thing and it earns over one million robux in revenue. However, the company is now suffering as the previous owner commit an exit scam.

This group is the same and we provide technologies for airlines. I didn’t provide information on how these product are sold as it is through an ordering hub. I hope you know what I meant. Developer products are used in it and it goes into the group. It’s hard for me to explain if you have zero knowledge about aviation tech-companies. My group has earnt a total revenue for 30k over the past few months from selling cheap products ranging from 30 to 500 robux.



His post is somewhat relevant, maybe it lacks detail but I believe he is trying to indicate that this part:

Is a bit, weird. Why would somebody build for your company to lose 20% of the funds when they can actually just go work for the people that need this kind of stuff directly to get the full 100%? Basically, he is saying it would be better if he did the work for these people that need these projects for the full 100% rather than make them through you and only get 80% of the profits from which it is sold rather than the full 100%.

Which can bring us to the main question, Why would people want to build with your company, when they are losing possible income?

Personally, I find this a bit weird as well, but hope the best of luck in finding in people :ok_hand:



I mean, he has a point. I’ve only heard of the “Aviation Community” a couple times, and it does not seem profitable for the amount of time you invest.



@GamerWei_ALT Hello! Over the years I’ve become a master at UI Designs. I can script, design, and build. I would be interested in becoming a Product Developer if you can guarantee profit.



True, I partly agree with you. It doesn’t really make sense, but not all developers know how to program a system where you pay for models. I’ve only seen 1 company like this (CheckMeIn) that makes it so you have to purchase a license to use it.



It isn’t a must to program a system. You can make things such as planekit, either open source or add a few security measures into it and sell it for a few thousand robux based on the features. Things such as gate system, ticket scanner, in-flight entertainment can also be made. You have a freestyle job but it must be focused in the community of aviation. The 20% fee is used for paying staffs and advertising with a few thousand robux once every few days. You can provide open-source is you’re wiling to.

For developers who wants to use closed-source mdoules
As you may of heard, Seranok said that the closed source modules will return maybe late 2019. I have this in mind. If you want to make a clsoed source module product, you can register with me and tell me the products you’re making and when closed-source modules returns, you’ll have the chance to sell the products that you’ve made before.



The 20% isn’t used by any of the High Rankings nor me. They are used for our weekly advertising and paying our staff members.

Our ordering hub includes a delivery system where I and my fellow Founder, Sicken_L has to pay the fees for the host which isn’t cheap. We have to run a Discord bot for the company as well. Furthermore, we don’t earn any money from doing this. We’re helping the community by providing extra jobs and letting developers have an opportunity to strive in an area that is prone to others.

Without the ordering hub and delivery system, you’ll expect tons of complaints about why the delivery is taking forever. Imagine yourself in a shoe of a customer who has bought a product from someone and is waiting days for it to be delivered. You wouldn’t want to be felt that way. Staff Members are also a priority when it comes to running the business. Without Staff Members, customer support request won’t be answered, security will be lowered and that more people will strike us and raid our servers. That is what the 20% is used for.



The aviation community has been abandoned most of the times. Recently, closed source modules was removed and many airlines was affected by this. Technology-company such as ExaTech has to shutdown as they can’t continue selling their products and till today, aviation has been in Roblox for tens of years but we haven’t been mentioned by Roblox yet.

Cruise industry has also been unmentioned as well.



In the developers perspective however, they can just work for these people directly without going through these services which takes more time, effort, and complication. It would just make it easier for the customer as well to work with the developers so they can get it the exact way they possibly want something.

Whatever floats your boat though :man_shrugging:



As you said the quote above, wouldn’t these mean that the aviation community would have lost trust? Why couldn’t I just sell these off myself by just messaging aviation groups or checking hidden developers.

Can you please specify how many months and what you sold because in the roblox dev community you can make 30k easily. I made 30k over the course of two days.

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Please check this.

https://www.roblox.com/games/2569635407/Product-Hub and https://www.roblox.com/groups/4529855/AviaRay#!/about for the information.

My company was started on November 2018.

By saying that, you wouldn’t have come into my topic as you already know what is best for you. This is a business, not a solo job.



You’ve mentioned that this company makes a large sum of robux in revenue, but have said that yours has only made around 30k in revenue. How many developers do you have working for you now, and how much does each one net per month?



My developers has not produce any products currently. All of it is done currently by the Founders.



I don’t think you understand the practices that IRL businesses use, you’re relying on a developer to willingly sacrifice 20% to an agent basically.

Agents are only a effective business model if an official contract is made, while you could write it yourself you put yourself at risk by allowing multiple loopholes.

Without a contract in place your employees can go behind your back, can abandon the project without any penalties or charges against them. I’d also like to point out that most developers are minors so a large proportion of applicants may be ineligible to sign a contract legally without their guardians written consent.


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