[HIRING] Looking for developers

Looking for developers

About Us

Hi there! We are Aevia. Aevia is a dedicated juice bar community which strives to be the absolute best to achieve their goals and grow.

About The Job

We are looking for a,

  • Builder
  • Scripter
  • Animator

Builder: The builder will have to create the Interview and Training center along with the main juice bar.
Scripter: The scripter will have to script the food and drinks, and also know how to script BA essentials.
Animator: The animator will have to create a simple eating and drinking animation.

More information on what you will do, will be given to you after we contact you.


The payment will be discussed after we contact you.

Contact Us

You can contact us here. You must be older than 13 years old to apply.

Please note: Choose the development rank you are most interested in (scripter, builder, animator), and post an example of your work along with a way for us to contact you. If we like your work, we will most likely message you.


I’m interested in the builder position, here’s my portfolio: [FULLY BOOKED] Uniform Designer

I am interested in being a builder. [CLOSED] Maenaryz building portfolio | commissions - #8 by EternalCanadianDev

I might be able to do the animation position. https://devforum.roblox.com/t/for-hire-ob-animator-for-hire

Yea, I will take the job, contact me on discord: boI#0171

I’m interested

Contact me with more details I guess

Hey there! I’m a builder you can contact me User id#1086
Here’s my portfolio to X1_xii portfolio

I am interested in building for this project. [OPEN] Builder for hire! Contact on discord if needed. h.#5375

Interested in the builder position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800. Here is my portfolio.

My brother can do this heres his discord, ForsaknCranbrry#9854

I would love to be a builder! My Discord is ObbyMasterMine#0001

My name is Breck, which is Irish!
Here is my portfolio! [New] ObbyMasterMine | Builder/Modeler/UI Designer

I have worked for many groups, such as the below.

Splendid Cafe - Developer
Hype Hotels and Resorts - Head Developer
Bubble Tea - Developer
Project FA - Developer
Smart Coast Hotels - UI Designer

And others!

I would love to work with you guys, making the group better and better each day!

Thank you for reading my application,

For additional information,
DM Me! ObbyMasterMine#0001

Best Regards,

ObbyMasterMine | Breck

Greetings! I believe I could be a great fit for what you need, here is my building portfolio: Ansovia - Portfolio

Hello! I understand there is alot of competition for the builder position but i would like to submit my portfolio:

I do not have a large portfolio but I do have experience, and a adaptive building style.

Contact me on discord: Tomato#6842

Hey do you want a UI designer?
I’m RN Free and haven’t got any commissions for a week or so

hello i am interested in the builder position my discord is - shyre08#9304
and my portfolio is here - 2de_v's Portfolio

I can animate! I’m good at R6 but, if it’s just eating and drinking animations, I can do that as well in R15!

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