[HIRING] Looking For Development Partner!

Hello! I’m currently working on a new studio group and looking for a developer to help me. I can build, I just need a scripter.

The Team
@JustCRyan [Me] - Building/Terrain Design
@username - Scripter

About The Job

I am currently looking for a scripter/co-owner for my upcoming development studio. I’m looking for someone who doesn’t mess around, does a professional job, knows how to manage a group & Discord server etc. We can discuss game ideas in dms.


A percentage of the earnings will be given to the co-owner/scripter.


Discord - RyannEristic#3333
Twitter - @RyannEristic
Roblox - JustCRyan

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You left out plenty of details like what games would be made since obviously for a scripter some would be harder than others because of different capabilities of what each can do depending how good they are, what percentage, and they would need to know what type of game because obviously some do better than others, etc. Please add more details and explain about the job.

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The idea is that I’ll discuss game ideas with the scripter/co-owner in dms. Same thing with the percentage of the game as it can be negotiated.

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But why would someone waste their time and find out it’s something they can’t do, or don’t like etc. I know you wouldn’t want your ideas being stolen but it’s the only way, if they don’t know what they are doing and how much they are being paid they won’t bother too apply.

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