[HIRING] Looking for Scripter, Paypal Commissions

Discord; PRINCE#0666

I am currently working on a large scale project that will be undisclosed until I get to know the person who I choose to work with.

The Task
I would be looking for a scripter who is able to work with pre-existing scripted material well, datastores, and willing to work on creative, new, and fun ideas.

Some things I’d be looking to get done
Mystery Prize Boxes
Daily Cash/Payout System
Donation & Trading
Customizable & Claimable Storage Units

Payment will be completely & purely through paypal. It will be done by commission to commission and I will not be willing to go off of an hourly rate.

Thank you for your time, hope to fill this position soon!


Your Discord tag isn’t working for me, can you check if it’s correct?

You can also add me on Discord instead: swenzje#5995

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Updated & changed my disc name, the emojis throw off the system I am guessing. Sorry for the confusion!

I sent friend request on Discord.

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Filled the position! Thank you all!

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