[Hiring] Looking for scripter!

About The Game

Hello! The game is inspired by western story games like Red Dead Redemption 2. The game will mainly be one player with loads of missions for the player to complete with the addition of online play with other players.


  • An individual that is self-motivated and disciplined.
  • Good team player that works well with a team
  • Professional attitude
  • Experience in Roblox Studio (2+ years - Varies on a certain applicant)


  • Get work done with deadlines
  • Staying in contact with the team
  • Scripting Modules include - Main Menu, objective based missions, more details discussed in direct messages!
  • We are looking for someone that takes pride in their work, quality over quantity.


  • Percentage: 40%+
  • Amount Of Robux: 3k+

Contact Information

  • Discord: Caleb#8086

Um you are offering 3k robux for a Main Menu, objective based missions, and what I assume more, just saying, the mission system alone is worth 3k, so if you do actually mean it when you put 3k “+” then can you add a lot more so it is actually fair?

I apologize that im not able to suffice to your asking pay. If you feel as if its to little simply just pass me by. 3k is simply all I can offer which I why I added a percentage of game earnings.

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