[HIRING] Looking for somebody to make a game icon

About Us

I am currently making a game that is planned to be released this fall (around September/October) and I will be needing a game icon.

About The Job

I am looking for somebody that is good at making game icons with smoke/fire/environmental effects. I will be providing the models for you to use, but you will have to make the effects yourself.

I am looking for the icon to be done by the end of this weekend.


Payment will be discussed in DMs. I will also be giving you an example of what I want and I’ll also be asking for examples of your previous work in DMs.

Contact Us

Contact me on Discord: lolheads#5854

Do not contact me if you don’t have experience with game icons. I don’t want to see examples of character GFXs or character renders or anything like that.


I am interested! I will friend me.

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What’s your Discord username? 30 characters

Sent you a request. Username: kesh#4406

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Interested, sent you a friend request on discord.

My user is Hanamii#1389

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