Hiring Low-Mid Poly Builder

About Us

Hi there! We are Person299’s Community, the Developer behind Person299 Custom Minigames. We are looking for a Builder(s) to create a small/medium low-mid Poly map for an upcoming minigame concept we’re planning!

You can visit our game here

About The Job

Using the sample attached below, we’re looking for a Builder who can make us a cavern/neon styled map that will be primarily based in an outdoor setting for our upcoming minigame concept “Laser Battle”! Since this is a minigame, you do not need to over-build the map, we actually ask that you please don’t as the larger the build, the longer it’ll take for it to load into the game.


We are paying in Robux only (to be paid via T-Shirt (After Tax) All Robux transactions are subject to Roblox’s 7-Day security pending period We’ll be more than happy to discuss payment if you’re interested taking on the job :smiley:

Contact Us

If you’re interested in the job, please send me a message through the Roblox Developer Forum ONLY I’m unable to be reached via Discord due to the high volume of friend requests I receive daily.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: Template/Samples below

Screenshot_31 !

Our Work/Samples


Screenshot_50 Screenshot_52 Screenshot_53

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