Hiring Low Poly Builder

Hi there! We are Infinite Studio’s, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for developers who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, Sword Swinging Simulator!

Benefits from becoming a Developer
The Benefits of becoming a developer is you get Admin in-game for free, you get Paid, you get a Discord Rank for free, You can give the community updates on the game, and you get a developer role in the roblox group!

@claudiumateescu - Owner & Manager
@Maxen2031 - Head Scripter
@ORden_Test1 - Scripter
@You- Builder
@Cough- 3D Modeler
@dan999plus - UI Designer(designs & create UIs at our request.)

At the beginning, the player will have the starting sword that the others start with. The player will have to start pressing the mouse to get the swing points and then slowly buy new, much better swords. The player will also be able to buy pets that will cost more and that will help him make swing points faster. With the obtained swing points the player will sell them for money and with that money he can buy new swords / pets / hats (in the future). The game will also have new areas where you will find new swords or exclusive swords for a certain amount of money. Twitter codes will also be implemented for certain bonuses as well as a daily reward that the player will receive daily. I forgot to mention that in those areas that the player can buy, there will be npcs that the player can beat for money. NPCs will also attack the player.


  • Experience developing a game.


*Fast worker.

*Meets required deadlines.


*Takes pride in work.

*Must be 12 years or older.

-In the Roblox Group and Discord

-Able to attend mandatory meetings.

-Send updates to me on progress.

-Able to communicate with other developers. (Note: I am going to try to get a minimum of 4 Developers and a max of 7)

-Has a example of something you have developed.


Payment will vary on the profit made from the game! Payment is a Commitment that I will make happen and make sure everyone gets their fair share. Payments will be distributed AFTER the game is released and they will depend on the profit made from the game!

Builder - 20%

If you put ANY type of harmful virus or exploit into the game you will be immediately removed from the game and development team as well as loss in payment and will be reported to roblox. Cheating and exploiting is not permitted on Roblox! Developers if you see anything that a developer shouldn’t be doing make sure you report it to me!

Contact Us
Our main form of communication would be Discord, so if you are interested and don’t have discord, then you should get used to having Discord as our way of communication.
If you are interested please DM me on discord @Ninja13#8246 with a brief description about you and why you should be accepted.

You must be 12 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :heart:

0 backup pay if the game fails?


This is an investment. You’re investing you’re time for a chance of earning lots of robux. It is one thing if we employ you and give you 100k a month and another thing if we gave you a percentage of the game

Intrested ill Dm you :smiley:
30 charssssssss

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