[HIRING] Mad Workshop hiring a scripter for $1,000, UI Designer for $300, animator for $300 for our battle-royale game

Hello, I am Trexism, Executive at Mad Workshop.
We’re developing a battle-royale unlike any other game in quality on ROBLOX known as “Warsport”.


The scripter will have to script a variety of gameplay features typically seen in a
battle-royale including but NOT LIMITED TO:
-Rank System

The UI Designer will have to create a variety of interactive assets, coordinating efforts with the scripter
to create a comprehensive, excellent user interface. The features include but are NOT LIMITED TO:

-Buy station GUIs
-Point-of-interest markers

We need somebody who can make extremely fast-paced and smooth animations characteristic of a great game.
As of now, the animator will have to do:
-Crouch walk

It’s a familiar concept. Battle-royales have been done a lot since their meteoric rise back in 2017. That’s why we want to hire the best and
the brightest to build our game; to create a game worth playing and that, while profitable, is also fun.


-Good work ethic
-Teamwork skills
-Ability to exercise some self-autonomy with decisions


Payment is totally negotiable. Those sums will be the amounts you will get in total, and we can negotiate how much of it comes upfront, and how
much after. Don’t worry, the better your portfolio is, the more generous we’ll be before you start!

“But wait. How am I gonna get hired if I don’t even know how to contact Mad Workshop?”

Simply DM “brado#8936” on Discord stating your ROBLOX username, your profession, and some links to your work!

I am interested, I have sent a friend request.

I am interested, I sent you a friend request. My discord is GoldenEye#4063.

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