Hiring Modeler(s) for Fleets board-game [10k R$/h]

Hiring Modeler

About us

@NuclearUniverse and I are developing a Roblox adaptation of a newly invented board game. The game is called Fleets and we have a functional version of the game already up and playable.

You can can check out the latest public version of the game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/2195423213/Fleets-Beta

About The Job

You should have experience 3d modeling creating meshes and textures.

We are looking for your help to contribute modeled game piece variants to the game. We expect high quality models that fit a board-game style. Pieces should be easy to interpret from a distance, but also feel unique and be sought after by players. They are generally boats, but could also vary into abstract representations or into different genres such as planes or sci-fi spaceships.

Some screenshots

Technical restrictions: Game pieces must have three distinct locations where colors can be represented clearly. Game pieces must have a distinct and easily legible front and back so that the direction of the piece is clear to players. Game pieces should not be too long because they must fit into a square cell without looking too small.

We are looking to get a good number of new piece variations into the game for players to buy and unlock. The more you can make the better!


We offer 10k R$ per hour of work. (~$35 USD)
Payment is paid out via group funds.
Bonus: In-game developer status and credit with enough contribution.

Offer is negotiable.

Contact Us

You can contact myself, @VitalWinter, here on the Developer Forum for questions or to apply. Applicants should have some previous work ready to show.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Is there a set amount of hours you must work a day/week?

Also, how much are you expecting to pay out at that rate? It’d get very expensive quick, is there a max amount of hours?

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Modelers and myself will come to an agreement before any work is started. Generally I’d like to pay a modeler as much as they are able to work. Agreements will be made on an individual basis, depending on how much time a modeler needs to complete tasks.

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I’m interested in this position Lau2971 | 3D Modeler

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I could model for you. I have experience in and outside of Roblox.(not as much in than out)
here are some examples.

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