(Hiring) Modeler, Scripter for civilization game

About the game

Civilization simulator is a gamewhere you start of in the middle of the forest and you need to try and start a medieval settlement. You can chop wood, Mine ores, Gather fruit and hunt animals. You also have to keep you settlement safe from other players who can invade. You do this by build keeps and walls to protect your people.

The team so far is:

Head developer: @GamingForever941
Head Modeler and Builder: @Kisferenc
Scripter: @CouldBeYou
Modeler: @CouldBeYou

About the jobs

Must be comterbale with making XP systems, mining system, Money system, Attacking system, Plot system, Inventory sysyem. You will also assist @GamingForever941 with anything he needs.


Must be able to build high quality low poly maps with large trees and mountains (I will send a reference image if you get the job). You must also be able to make building models.

Must haves

You MUST have 1yr + experience of roblox studio
You MUST be 13+
You MUST have discord
You MUST be able to do 1hr of work a day

Nice to have

It would be nice if you lived in the UK
It would be nice if you could do 3hr of work a day


I would be willing to pay 20k robux each. However if you want to negotiate that is ok. I will not pay USD though. Sadly i will have to pay by Gamepass but i will pay all taxes For FREE.

How to apply

You can message me here on developer Forums from there i will link my discord. Please include some work examples

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

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