[HIRING] Modelers & Environmental Designers for a Star Wars project

Environmental Designer, Modeler


Hello, I’m a scripter named Tay and I’m looking to put together a small team of modelers/builders to design several Star Wars maps and an array of custom meshes/models for weapons & morphs.

(only hiring 1-2 devs)
Environmental Designer - OPEN
Modeler - OPEN

(if you can fulfill both roles then you may apply for both. Compensation will be scaled with the number of development positions you are accepted for [you will be expected to fulfil the tasks of all roles you are accepted for in a timely manner])

Scripting progress can be observed/tested here: galactic origins development - Roblox
GIF: https://gyazo.com/c2bc0f4a58ae1d03f9fbdc35d587c9dc

I’m only interested in hiring high quality devs so be ready to present past work/examples. Experience with creating Star Wars assets is required.


25 USD & 15% of game revenue per position. [negotiable] (so if you apply for both environmental designer & modeler it will be scaled to %30 & $50)


You can contact me on discord at tay#0606 if you’re interested in applying.
You must be 16 years or older to apply.


May I ask why is the age 16 instead of 13 if discords tos is 13 not 16.

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@tay99x I just looked at the game. Impressive work, I absolutely love it. But, I’m a builder not a modeler. Anyway, good luck! Great work!


It’s just a personal preference of mine. From my experience, older devs are easier to work with and typically have more experience.


Hiya! I am interested, but I only take robux . I am a UI designer!