Hiring modeller [Small task] [3,000R$]

About Us

Hi there, we are banana studios, the developers behind the game blox royale! Our accumulated place visits exceed 10,000,000 and are growing by the day as we work to improve our game and make them more accessible to the roblox player base, we pride ourselves on being featured on both the rtrho sort, and the xbox featured sort.

The Team

Our main developers
@OutlookG - Project lead / Programmer / Particle effects / Animation / Design
@Jaschutte - Battle place programming
@LuaBearyGood - UI / Lobby programming

We are also proud to have so many contributors including:
2Bvild - Map building + (Soon) Lobby building
TOP_Crundee123 - Tower modelling
VendentPukach - Icon + thumbnail
Aok_G - Game + Group logo

About The Job

We are looking for someone to create a custom Christmas tree themed rig to serve as the central boss in our Christmas update, this tree should feel festive yet deadly and provide us with dynamic combat option when animating and programming the rig.

Precise detail on the weapon systems we would like to see can be talked about on request, this can take a fair degree of input on your behalf.

Example of the game’s ‘style’:


We will being paying 3,000R$ for the model which should be completed by the 1st of December at the latest, This will account for a day after this post’s creation for us to decide among applicants.

Contact Us

Contact us here on the developer forum with a portfolio / some of your past work.


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