[HIRING] Mountain Warfare game I'm creating

Hello Roblox Developers,

I will be establishing a mountain warfare game and need Builders, Terrain Designers, and scripters. I will be giving good payouts determined on how much work is completed. It may vary from 5k- 30k robux.

If any builder, scripter, or terrain editor is willing to fulfill these positions please DM me at
☆ ᗰᗩᑕᖇO ☆ ☆#9972

Do keep in mind, I will be establishing a dead line for projects and if not completed by then you may receive a decrease in pay or possibly fired. I need to get this project done before the end of August.

I’ve already done some terrain work and currently making more mountains.

--------WHAT THE GAME IS ABOUT----------

This game will be a warfare game based off a snowy terrained area with high mountains. I’ve already decided which gun system I will be using. So what it is about is there will be two teams. White and red team. The white team will be wearing White Camo and the red team will be wearing red camo. Each time will decide which position they will run.


They can select one of these 3 and pick which team they want to run on. White or Red.

I will soon make names for the teams as I have not thought of any yet.

So if you guys are interested, once again dm me at ☆ ᗰᗩᑕᖇO ☆ ☆#9972



Hello, How are you? I’m interested. My name is, Grenouille # 0604 . I’m Builder, Just i’m speak French.

Can you add me on discord EliteToni#6936. I am interested in the builder position!

Are you hiring a modeler as well?

Yes! I am looking for a modeler too to make us gear

We are unable to add your account due to the special characters as it glitches out when we put it in. Can you add me please? ZackDaBoi#0001

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