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:palm_tree: Willow Hotels & Resorts Hiring MR+

Greetings! Willow Hotels & Resorts is on the search for some new Middle/High Ranks. Becoming a role here at Willow could be a massive opportunity and a great experience, we highly recommend joining us! Willow Hotels & Resorts is an upcoming hotel group on the roblox platform with 3.2k+ members. We will be releasing our version 3 very soon, and will be advertising our game lots. We are in need of dedicated staff members for our group, we’d really appreciate it if you came and join us! Interested? You can find all of the information regarding the job below.

Job Information

:clipboard: The role of an MR+ here at Willow Hotels & Resorts is to supervise the hotel, train low ranks to become staff members, engage in our management activities, and too have an opportunity to make new friends! Becoming an Middle Rank here at Willow Hotels & Resorts could open many job opportunities for any of your future endeavours that you may have.

Contact Information

:man_office_worker: If you are interested in becoming a Middle Rank at Willow Hotels & Resorts you can contact any of the following on discord below. To contact them, simply send join the Willow Hotels & Resorts discord server, and DM us from there, you can find the link to the discord server on the main group page here.

dyeurs | dann;#0008
jcyviez | jay;#0008
allyhrtsu | ally;#0008

Application Information

:confetti_ball: When applying for the role of MR+, you must abide by a few guidelines that we set as a group you find them all in this list; you must be dedicated and active if you are applying, you must not resign from the job within 7 days, must try to engage with the community. The application that you will be given will consist of a few questions regarding your skills and qualities that you maintain, and some possible scenarios that you may face.

Post Conclusion

:wave: Thank you for reviewing this post, we really appreciate you reading! Remember, if you are interested in getting a job follow the steps above. Have a fantastic rest of your day!


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