[HIRING] Need a Scripter, UI Designer Needed and Modeller

About Us
Greetings. I am working on a game called " :mag_right: Detective " Basically I only started this game today so the aim of the game is basically to find who the murder suspect is shooting guns/throwing and stabbing people. I don’t know alot but when we meet I will tell you more when we get to meet eachother.

My Duties are Making some Models and some scripting. I except you to have good enough experience of your job

Owner: CakeValxie
Scripter: Needed (Available Now)
Modeller: Needed (Available Now)
UI Designer: Needed (Available Now)
Clothing Designer: Needed (Available Now)

I do not pay real money but I will give ROBUX. Unfortunately I do not have ROBLOX premium anymore and I got 0 Robux now and I only get 10-30 Robux from payouts from ROBLOX. A way I can give you ROBUX is if you want to be a clothing designer on my group Join it and then make clothes which are nice so people and can buy it and I transfer the ROBUX to you. I will give alot of robux or a small amount depending how hard you worked on a section of my game.

Group: Valxie Studios - Roblox

How Can You Contact me?
I have discord but I will not realse my Tag and Name Yet. You can contact me Privately on the Devfourm by clicking on my profile and their should be a message Button. Looking forward to see you.


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