[HIRING] Need short term scripter for a job

About Me and the Game

Hello, I’m blingmcqueen. I’ve been on Roblox since 2012 and have made numerous projects since then. Currently, I’m working on a project of mine called “[Project Circuit]” which is an open world parkour game which puts the player in a world where its ruler is abusing his power to abolish any form of entertainment. The player is tasked with joining a graffiti gang that seeks to spread their message of unhappiness through their art and hopes to find a way to confront the tyrant in an Orbital Station impossible to reach through normal means. The game takes an open world approach and lets the player roam around 3 interconnected districts in which they can complete missions, move the plot along, or just freely roam around. The mechanics include sprinting and a jetpack.

See progress here:

About The Job

(This is just base info, I will provide more information about each mechanic when contacted)

I’m looking for a scripter to help out with a few gameplay mechanics. I’m not looking for a partner or anything, I just need a few jobs done in order for me to go along with the game. The things I need are listed below with pics for reference:

Score system

I need this to be interconnected with grinding and the graffiti. Just a number gui that adds +10 to the score every 3 seconds the player is grinding and +15 when every trick the player makes in the air.

Rail Grinding

I need this to work like the screenshots below, the player is locked in place and they are taken to wherever the rail ends at. I need the script to allow me to put 1 animation in while the player is locked and I need a noise to emit from the rail while the player is on it. They should be locked on the rail until it ends but they should be able to press spacebar to be taken out of the lock. The player should be able to enter the rail grind at any end of the rail(whichever way the character is facing).

jsrf New_badnik,_more_challenge

Trick ramp

This needs to only work in the air. Whenever a player touches a ramp they gain a burst of speed and are launched a bit in the air and the player can press the spacebar to perform tricks which adds +15 to their score everytime they perform one. I don’t need you to make the animations but I will need the script to allow me to insert around 5 animations so it randomly selects one of them and plays it. The spacebar shouldn’t be able to be spammed so the animations can play so give it a 5 sec or so cooldown.

Our game needs at least 30 new assets completed by the end of this month. We expect each asset will take between 1-2 hours.


I am really unsure on how much this will all cost so just hit me up with an offer and we can negotiate from there. If you can only do one of the three jobs or two of the three jobs then don’t hesitate to hit me up, we can still work something out as I don’t seek a long term partnership

Contact Us

You can contact me through Roblox/DevForum PMs or Discord
Discord - Nitron#3720