Hiring new Developers Payment: $4,300+

About me:

I’m Bay, also known as Peelaze. I own Fallen Adventure Project with 3,200+ Community already. The project is about MMORPG and yes I have a team already, but at this moment I’m looking to make a different team beside them for a Studio I want to make that concern Simulators etc…

The Team
@Peelaze - Founder / Investor
You can see our progress so far here in Fallen Adventure Project: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/744977626841481347/747239127648305172/Green_sage_of_light_2.png

About The Job

I’m looking to make a studio team that has experiences of making Simulators and maybe some big project as well. I need Active Developers who can dedicate themselves to the job. The studio’s aim is to make several fun games for the community and also make some interesting type games as well.

Payment Information

I will be paying with USD ( Zelle/cashapp or other Payment methods ) and I’m mainly hiring for Percentages only. Budget for these projects are $4,300+. Also, I’m not interested in paying up front for certain reason, but I can provide proof of funds and everything.

Contact Us

You may contact me in my discord: BayDaKid#8592 .

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Professional 2D artist /Web Developer
Sent a request via discord as pinkXanz and portfolio will be sent via there

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