[HIRING] Nuke's Games is looking for a scripter to script a pet system

About us & game

Hello! We are Nuke’s Games, a small development group owned by NukeX_Legit. We’re currently working on an obby that’s like Doc’s Difficult Chart. We’re willing to advertise it. We’re looking for a scripter to script a pet system for us, or every script (if they want). You can see our game’s progress here: OLAO (WIP) - Roblox

If we like your work, and we want to hire you permanently - we may offer you at leas 15% of percentage. But right now, we’re in need of a pet system. Which we will need in 3 days.

What we need

  • 2 Types of pets that follows you, either walks or floats
  • An inventory UI to script
  • Pet hatching system from UI
  • Send pet-related data from one place to another place, like any pet they equip in lobby, will be equipped in the game which they get teleported too.
Please note that all the things we need aren’t listed here. There are more things.


We will be paying at least 1.5k+ :robux: . Prices are negoitable. And if we like your service, we may offer you to join us as a script permanently. In that case, you would receive 15-20% of the robux earned from the game.


To apply, please contract me in Discord, Techy#9999. You must be 13 years or older to apply. Thank you.

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