Hiring Obby Builder!

Hello! I am the owner of Tiny’s Difficulty Chart Obby Remastered

I am currently looking for a new Builder as one of my builders can no longer work for me. The reason he can not work for me anymore will not be said as it is his personal problem that I was asked not to share.

Game Link: Tiny's Difficulty Chart Obby - Roblox

Requirments: You must have experience with obbies and know how a difficulty chart obby works. How many stages you need to build does not matter too much but preferably at least 10 a week, you will be paid depending on how much work you do. You will need to build in the smooth plastic/cartoony style the game is in. Finally, you will also be required to show some of your previous work.

Payment: You will be paid Robux, 10 per stage through a shirt or game pass. I can cover fees if you need them to be covered. I do not offer a percentage or real money.

Contact: You can contact me on Discord: Tiny Gecko#7518 or through my Roblox messages. You will need to follow me to message me if you choose to contact me through Roblox.


Hello i would like to apply
Please add me

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I’m interested in this position. I contacted you on Discord, I’m eeee#0104.

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Sent you a friend request. Please accept and DM me.

Accepted your friend request. I have sent you a DM.

I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord. Very interested in what you have to offer.

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