[HIRING] [OPEN] [$500-1000 USD] We are currently looking for new a Scripter

Hi everyone, we are currently looking for talented individuals interested in pursuing a job in game development for a new game called Electric State: Pacifica. If you’re skilled in programming,- we want you!

We are looking for a skilled programmer to program a game from the scratch up, we have provided a trello outlining the entire game, and most of the other aspects of the game (eg: props, ui, animations) have already been completed, but we are looking for someone to actually script the game according to the instructions. The range of what needs to be scripted includes, crafting, inventory, vehicle system, gun system, and other systems that need to be made.

The pay is based on quality of work done and time it takes to complete, starting at $500. This is in addition to a set percentage of total game sales when the game releases.

If you’re interested, message me on discord at pyth#6737 and/or reply to the thread above. Or contact me on discord if you already have me. Include examples of previous work. This is an open offer with no set end date.

This seems to good to be true. I’d recommend changing the title to a appropriate price.

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I think they mean $500 - $1000.

Obviously they are, he was just pointing it out

I updated the title, sorry for any confusion I created.

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I am very interested in this job, EthanFins#5024
I will show you my work on discord

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I am very interested in this job, Lyte#1857
I will show you my work on discord.

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