Hiring OTS gun system scripter (200 USD)

About Us

Hello. We are the SCP foundation. Not much to say about us.

About The Job

Hello. I am currently looking for an advanced scripter to create an OTS ( Over the shoulder) gun system for our upcoming site.
We already have the models for the guns and the animations for the guns. We just need sort of a framework that’s easy to add guns, and uses OTS.

What we expect from the gun engine / system:

We expect it to be smooth.
Example of what we want: [SCP] ARC-20 | OTS Gun system Update #4 - YouTube
It must have an event that we can use to easily identify who the player killed.
Has hit markers.
Turns red when hovers over a player or head.
Does a gray blur when kills someone. (like gta)
has triangle mouse icon. (can be provided if needed)

We expect the system to be done after about 3 month, if not we will give you more time.


I am offering a high rank in our group, and 1-20k robux aka 200 USD. Depends on the quality.

Contact Us

Contact me on Discord: pegnaut#6969
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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