[Hiring Pro Scripter]2,000 ROBUX For Speed Simulator game!

Hello Remember that I only accept professionals!!

This area of the forum is publicly accessible to developers for recruitment. Please be prepared to answer questions about your projects and provide & collect feedback from the community about your plan.

About The Job

I need someone who can script a collectible coin system and a daily reward system and also a script where you get faster every step you take

We need a few jobs done we are expecting you to stay with us for about a week just in case we find any bugs


We are paying around 2,000-3,000 Robux once you have finished all that we have asked it won’t be a lot of work trust me!

Contact Us

You may contact me via Discord - Onyiistar#9999
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Im Pretty Sure I Can Do All Of The Things You Want Your Scripter To Do, But I Lost My Past Creations, If Thats Ok Then I Would Like To Work For You Pls!

I Sent You A Friend Request On Discord

I can do the job, you can add me on discord Happy_Liam#0894

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