[hiring] professional gun designers

Price 1,000 - 3,000.

How many weapons do I need? Three. Two guns, 1 machete.

how many tris per gun I’m looking for someone who could make amazing guns yet keep the tris under 8,000.

I need the ammo slots and and parts of the gun loose so that I can add realistic reload animations.



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How much for each the machete and a gun ?
I have a Deagle Pistol model but not seperated , only one model , is it okay ? you can make the ammo stockage box fell from bottom so it wouldnt be noticable …

Contacted you on discord. Marcus#3951

Just sent a friend request on discord!

I want the part then you pull back to reload the gun, i need that a loose part so that I can animate it. If the ammo slot is glued to the gun along with the part that you cock back, i do not want it.

700-1k per weapon
Max budget is 3,500 for all of them.

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