[Hiring] professional Low poly Developer


Hello i need a Low poly Lobby for my new simulator! it shouldn’t be to hard
i need this as soon as possible it also should look neat and not like it was rushed
i also have a deadline, the deadline for the game to be complete is at least by December 1st 2020 i hope to have it out in at least 1-2 months

What i need

-Rebirth shop
-Upgrade shop
-Pet shop
-Snowball shop
-Low poly lobby
-boss fight area
-Portals area
-egg area
-Different Eggs (not scripted)
-Leaderboard (not scripted)
-Gamepass Board (not scripted)
-Boost board (not scripted)

Example of what i need


Main Lobby part

2nd Area

Egg Area


Pet shop

Snowball and upgrade shop

Rebirth and token shop



Gamepass Board


Boosts Board


once i receive the map i will pay 25-30k for the full map, if you want to continue working for me i will pay 25% and whatever you are demanding per assest or build
i have a budget of 200,000 Robux on this project


You can message me on the devforum or on discord

Discord: GodzGalaxyyRBLX#0001
DevForum: @GodzGaIaxyy

Thanks for Contacting me have a good day and be sure to read the Terms of service before contacting me


  • I have the right to use anything on any game with your permission and i give you the credit
  • I have the right to refuse working with you
  • I only pay once i receive what i ordered to prevent scamming
  • Anybody who disagrees with my TOS Than don’t bother working with me

Hello I’m interested add me from discord Thmaximo#9785

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Hello, I am interested! Messaging you later, xBaggyBoi.

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Heya I’d love to help you on this project!

My discord is A1.2trappy#4996

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Interested, I added you on Discord @yung glizzy#6701!

My portfolio

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I have sent you a friend request we can talk in discord about this and I can show you some of my past low poly work.