[HIRING] Professional Scripter

About Us

Hello There!
We are Parwnaz Studios, we are a Development group, our current focus is a story game.

The Team
@Theduedcow -Owner

About The Job

We are looking for a Proffesional scripter, who is active, efficient, and co-operative. Please be expected to be able to do the following!

it will include a fully function lobby, with a wins value, a wins leaderboard, and top three players statues, in the lobby, players will hit a part, and get teleported into an empty seat in a bus, and will be shown gui, with a timer that is constantly going, and if it reaches 0, and there is more than 3 players in the bus, a black gui will appear, and the players will get teleported to a private server.
If there isn’t more than 3 people, the timer will reset, when the bus is teleporting players will not be able to get on the bus anymore, there will also be an exit gui, witch will disappear when the bus is teleporting. In the main game, there will be a good ending or bad ending, on the players decision, Dialog GUI, which shows random players name and image, and the NPC’s will move and their face will change,
On the GUI, there will also be functional bear traps, which will hurt and slow down the player, a shop gui, where players can buy many gamepasses, such as infinite lives, and become the monster.


We are paying 50% of what we earn, in Robux…

Contact Us

Contact us on Discord, at Theduedcow#3095
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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