[HIRING] Professional Scripter


About Me

Hi, I’m Sentorcc, I am a 3D modeler, and builder, and also a UI designer, I have worked on many big projects before, and now have decided to make my own. If you wish to see my work contact me, do so either here or in discord!

The Team
@Sentorcc- Project Manager, Builder, 3D Modeler, UI Designer
@Vitoism - GFX Designer

Our progress on this game is currently confidential, and once you decide you are in it with the project, I will explain the entire idea, and also what progress we have on this project.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional scripter that could script a Club, we need an area sound system, and an Auto morph and tool system, and also a dance floor mechanism, and also gamepass systems, there is a lot more we need done, but I cannot list it here due to privacy reasons, and if the mechanisms I listed above do not make sense, contact me and I will explain them thoroughly to you, just keep in mind this isn’t a regular club at all this is more unique then any club that currently exist in roblox.


I can only pay with percentage as of right now, but if you also need some cash, I could potentially put some in, via Paypal, but I am offering 50 percent of the group funds, for a long-term scripter

Contact Us

Contact me on discord, Sentorcc#0536 , or here, via DevForum messages.

Thanks for reading through this! :slight_smile:

We have the animations, and the sounds, for the Club, forgot to address that.

How long are we talking? What would be the PayPal payment amount?

Once I know this, I ,may be interested

If you could state the PayPal offer and list all the tasks that would need to be completed to receive the payment, I might be willing.

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