[HIRING] Professional Uniform Designer Needed

About Us

Hi there! My name is cloudcaution, the Owner of EMBLEM Theatre, a 2,000+ member group which is rapidly growing. We’ve had the same staff uniform for a while now and it is important that we keep innovating, thus we are hiring a short term uniform designer to produce some assets for us.

Check us out here: https://emblemtheatre.live/roblox

About The Job

We are looking for a professional and experienced uniform designer. These uniforms are required to be produced to a high standard with great communication between me and you. More information will be given in DMs, we’re in need of 5 uniforms and some pants which should be able to be used throughout all 5.


We are offering R$1,000 for the whole project, this price is negotiable and can be discussed in my DMs.

Contact Us

If you’re interested, drop me a DM on Discord with a few examples/a portfolio and I’ll get back to you if I’d like to tell you more. My username and tag is Ben#9651

Hope to hear from you soon! :tada:


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