[HIRING] Programmer for Land of the Forgotten Tales

Looking for an Expert Programmer/Builder


About Us

Hi there! I’m Clark and I’ve been developing in ROBLOX since 2008 with known games that worked with Lightonp, BobbySayHi, sk3let0n and much more. I have decided to finally put it to the task and actually start working on my dream game which is an open world PVP Adventure game with massive confrontation between adventurers and the blood-thirsty warriors where you create your own story. Explore the Tales and discover scrolls, spells, techniques and lore along your travels!

The Team
@ClarkVulpes - Head Developer
@Nogalo - Head Programmer
@DaffyDavinko - BackEnd Programmer
@TheUnderratedDev - Programmer
@couldbeyou- Programmer
@couldbeyou - Programmer
@TrickyTunamers - Image Asset
@Bloxvin_Dev - Map and Modeller

About The Job

I need someone who has a great work ethic, responsible enough to do his/her task and has a good enthusiast level to enjoy with the team itself, some only ride with me due to my credentials being somewhat above average. This task can be both big and just a commission; that we can discuss.


  • Connected Stamina script in weapon interactions
  • Advance Combat with Spells
  • Math.random Events
  • Shops
  • good understanding of math
  • radial menu with a custom cursor


  • Able to do task without much blueprints and quite imaginative in map creation
  • Understand that work ethics and worldbuilding is more of comfortability rather than task
  • Have at least 2years of experience in WorldBuilding
  • Has proper control of brick count and less collision errors
  • Understand the different of classic artstyle compared to blocky or less-detailed.

On work tasks, it doesn’t need to be in a hurry but at least do an actual progression rather than slacking towards it, also updating me would actually be nice!


I offer payments such as ROBUX Payouts, Paypal USD and Percentage. If you honestly pick percentage you wouldn’t regret due to most of my games hitting at least 1MIL+.

Contact Us

You can contact me on Disord or at DeveloperForum
Discord: cael#5485
[Please make sure to reply here if you want to contact me!]
DevForum: @ClarkVulpes

Thank you for your time!