[HIRING] Programmer needed for upcoming project!

Hello! We are currently looking for a talented programmer for an upcoming project.

We are working on a modern styled tycoon game. Sleek and professional is the end goal. The programmers job will be to create an easy to use kit-like system for creating tycoons. The following list is an example of some of the things that will be asked of you to create:

:arrow_right: GUI Creation & Manipulation
:arrow_right: Saving/Load system
:arrow_right: Stat tracking
:arrow_right: Marketplace Services
:arrow_right: and more…

Specific details about the game can be discussed in private.

Applicants must be able to join a group for payment.
Applicants must be able to communicate effectively.
Applicants must show past projects.
Applicants must work at a timely matter.

Programmer must have a good understanding of Lua.

You will be paid in Robux. Rough pricing at ~100k+ Robux. We are also willing to split a % of game profits potentially.

Please contact me through Devforum DMs, or tweet at me @SuperDuperLogar
Looking forward to working with you!


Are you looking to create traditional tycoons with buttons and such or modern tycoon where you can choose where you want to place it?
Sent you a dm.

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