Hiring Programmers, Scripters and Builders for Cafe game

About Us

Hey, we are creating a new group called Veritas Cafe and we’re looking for Builders, a simple discord bot programmer, and an in-game scripter. We have one working to make a full GUI design for the group this includes group logo, thumbnails, game pass logos, etc. They were paid $100, we are very serious about this project and are looking for experienced builders and scripters.

The group is Veritas Café - Roblox.

About The Job

As a builder you are expected to be able to create a great cafe and a training center, you will also work under a deadline and be expected to complete the work we give you, more information will be given if you’re interested.

Be able to create a Discord Bot, which allows us to rank, demote, promote, etc via discord.

As a scripter you are expected to work under a deadline, be able to complete the work we give you, as a scripter, you will script the cafe, script the training center, and the rank center together with the other developers.


We can only pay in limiteds, Robux, or discord nitro.

Contact Us

Please add me via discord: Bubbelkaka#0001.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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