[HIRING] Project Ghoul - Animator (Custom Rigs) (R6) - 100K R$

Hello! I am one of the owners of Project Ghoul. We’re currently looking for an animator who can work with custom made humanoid rigs to create combat and movement animations. The rigs for this job will be provided when you’re hired.

You’ll be given the opportunity to work for a rapidly growing game and community with over 40,000 group members, nearly 13,000 discord members, and nearly 10,000,000 visits in the last few months. We’re currently working on our biggest update yet, with multiple large and semi-large YouTubers ranging from 50,000 to 1,000,000 subscribers eagerly waiting to record it. You, the animator, would be part of this and have your work be seen by millions.

The Job
You will be creating a set of animations for some of our weapons AND possibly a few side animations for things like gym equipment, this means you’ll be creating movement and combat animations. Each weapon will have this set of animations. (Plus any additional one specified separately.) These animations include: walk, jump, fall, attacks, skills, attack block, etc. (Full list will be sent if you’re hired.)

This means that there will be about 10 animations per weapon for about 10 weapons. (100 total.) This sounds like a lot but a lot of the animations are pretty movement animations and we allow you to copy some keyframes for similar animations. (Walk and run for example.)

We will explain the job in more detail when you’re hired, but this sums it up pretty well.

About a month from the start of your position, preferably ASAP. We’re looking for someone who can go on the grind and create multiple animations a day for days consecutively. (Full-time or near-full-time for the duration of the task.) If you have school or work, you can still apply, just make sure you have at least 4-8h a day available to work on this.

We’re up for hiring you again in the future if your work ethics and quality are reliable and high.

Payment (Group Payout)
We will be paying you a total of 100,000R$, this is roughly 1000R$ per animation. We will be paying per set of animations, this is roughly 10,000R$ per weapon and 1000R$ per singular animation, and expect you to be able to fix problems even after payment if there’s mistakes or missing details.

You will deliver the animations in the form of un-exported KeyframeSequences. (Saved but not exported.)

Keep in mind that we’ll pay you after you’ve shown to have completed the work, and you’ll hand over the animations after we paid you through group funds.

Additional Information
You have to be 18+ years old. We require that you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before you start working due to security issues with both asset ownership and delivering the assets after being paid. (We had people try to scam before, not happening again.)

We want the applicant to have a great understanding of animating using either Moon Animator or Roblox’s default animator. On top of that, we require the applicant to be able to attend progress meetings through VC at certain points. Therefore it’s required that your English skills are adept enough to be able to communicate through VC reliably and understand our requests.

Discord (Asian/Australian Timezones): MrMark#5538
Discord (European/African/American Timezones): Dysche#3915

(Send a friend request before trying to DM us, as we might have our DMs closed.)
(We might take a few hours to reply or accept friend requests if we’re asleep.)


Hello there, I have 2 years with animation, I am interested in working with you, my Discord is DahRock#9499, I am available from 1 PM EST to 12 AM EST, i’ll be waiting for your response, thank you.

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Am a 3d modeller i sent you a friend request please reply am very experienced TheBlackGOD#9843

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